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January 24|How to: golf
January 20|makes your hair stand up


June 16|fathers day 2019
May 12|Mothers day 2019


August 3|feature of bug
June 17|fathers day 2018
May 13|mothers day 2018


December 25|irrational fear 37 -blinking lights
December 14|Craven
December 8|electric boogaloo
November 23|Just a reminder
November 19|Seal of approval
October 6|at ease.
September 23|a great suit..
August 10|Dove-punch
July 28|wind-tunnel of dumb
July 14|Ben and Jerry’s 1
July 11|live music
June 28|unbreakable-through
June 27|what, how, why-five?!
June 18|fathers day 2017
June 14|Donald
May 14|mothers day 2017
April 26|like riding a bike
April 17|Classy collection 1
March 17|st patricks 2017
February 17|hair trigger
February 14|valentines 2017
January 24|the pie


December 25|Xmas 2014
December 19|product placement
December 12|tim pt.2
December 5|tim pt.1
November 21|smog
November 14|imperfectly
November 7|the great debate
October 31|halloween 2014
October 24|dat ask pt.3
October 17|dat ask pt.2
October 10|Dat Ask pt.1
October 3|fritOH SHI- end.
September 26|fritOH SHI- pt.6
September 19|friOH SHI- pt.5
September 12|fritOH SHI- pt.4
September 5|fritOH SHI- pt.3
August 29|FritOH SHI- pt.2
August 22|fritOH SHI- pt.1
August 9|so here’s the update
August 1|placeholder
July 25|David and Elastic
July 18|Mr. Magic
July 11|Dear Swiffer…
July 4|B-day and 4th
June 27|Fancy eating: with slinky 2
June 20|art with slinky!
June 13|happy fathers day 2014
June 6|fat camp pt.2
May 30|fat camp pt.1
May 23|great thinkers
May 16|the realization
May 11|mothers day 2014
May 9|Maleficent
May 5|happy cinco de mayo!
May 2|temporary / sick
April 25|so-fist-icant pt.2
April 18|the so-fist-icant pt.1
April 4|bedeviled
March 28|think about pink
March 21|stay cool in the shade(s)
March 14|St. Patty’s 2014
March 7|(in) Bad Taste
February 28|Slinky’s family tree: Skrinks
February 21|Fancy eating: with slinky 1
February 14|valentines 2014
February 6|Woody’s joke
January 31|Bad career choice
January 17|cheez-it : epilogue
January 10|cheez-it END
January 3|cheez-it pt.9


December 28|an idea.
December 25|xmas 2012
December 19|Mad science: prevenge
December 14|mad science pt.2
December 12|mad science pt.1
December 7|ruin something by adding or removing one letter. “batman” “h”
December 5|need some space end
November 30|need some space pt.6
November 28|need some space pt.5
November 21|need some space pt.4
November 16|need some space pt.3
November 9|need some space pt.2
November 2|need some space pt.1
October 31|halloween 2012 “Dead sexy”
October 26|cap’n crunch
October 24|try new things
October 19|slinky’s HOW TO WIN AT THE INTERNET ep.1 “youtube”
October 15|happy b-day worm 2012
October 10|my mechanic is awesome
October 5|the CUBEicle
October 3|the trip
September 28|Self reflection
September 19|Unfortunate moment with Bill: shopping
September 14|the doppelganger END
September 12|the doppelganger pt.29
September 7|the doppelganger pt.28
September 5|the doppelganger pt.27
August 31|the doppelganger pt.26
August 24|the doppelganger pt.25
August 22|the doppelganger pt.24
August 17|the doppelganger pt.23
August 15|the doppelganger pt.22
August 10|the doppelganger pt.21
August 3|the doppelganger pt.20
July 30|the doppelganger pt.19
July 27|the doppelganger pt.18
July 25|the doppelganger pt.17
July 20|the doppelganger pt.16
July 13|the doppelganger pt.15
July 4|the doppelganger pt.14 / 4th of july
July 3|july the 3rd
June 27|the doppelganger pt.12
June 25|the doppelganger pt.11
June 22|the doppelganger pt.10
June 20|the doppelganger pt.9
June 15|father’s day 2012
June 13|the doppelganger pt.8
June 6|the doppelganger pt.7
June 1|the doppelganger pt.6
May 29|the doppelganger pt.5
May 18|the doppelganger pt.4
May 16|the doppelganger pt.3
May 13|mothers day 2012
May 7|the doppelganger pt.2
May 2|the doppelganger pt.1
April 27|Coffee PSA
April 23|unintended hiatus
April 16|Bugs of war: the shot pt.3
April 13|bugs of war: the shot pt.2
April 11|Bugs of war: the shot pt.1
April 9|tuckered out
April 6|Junebug vs Dog
April 1|Fools
March 28|New policy
March 26|The Sauce
March 21|Revenge day 2012
March 16|St. Patty’s day 2012
March 12|Footloose pt.3
March 7|footloose pt.2
March 5|Footloose pt.1
March 1|vicious pt.9
February 27|hiya kids!
February 22|vicious pt.8
February 17|vicious pt.7
February 14|Valentines 2012
February 13|vicious pt.6
February 10|Vicious pt.5
February 8|Vicious pt.4
February 3|Vicious pt.3
February 1|Vicious pt.2
January 30|Vicious pt.1
January 27|Slap
January 23|wordplay
January 20|Sisyphean
January 16|hiding for a reason.
January 13|friday 13th
January 11|lose more cameras that way
January 9|Land of the … uh.. things.
January 6|ugly dougley
January 4|new years day (observed)


December 31|New Years 2011
December 28|Resolute
December 21|Department of Monsterous Visions
December 16|going down with the
December 7|rules of skyrim
December 2|uncanny valley of the dolls pt.2
November 30|uncanny valley of the dolls pt.1
November 21|and the perils therein
November 18|Kendra & Barby
November 16|writer’s block gallery #1
November 11|down with the sickness
November 9|on Motivation
November 7|Warball
November 4|Slinky vs Life
November 2|Hasslehoff
October 30|Halloween 2011
October 3|the smoking room: slinky’s comics
September 28|what’s in a muppet pt.2
September 26|what’s in a muppet?
September 21|happy b-day waffles 2011
September 20|mad scientist
September 16|questions: 10 yrs later
September 14|Grakill adventures: love
September 12|never unseen.
September 9|that’s why they are monsters.
September 2|the bottle shouldn’t have a trigger.
August 31|reading into it.
August 26|it’s the insistence that made me do it
August 24|Tavern of dreams: a picture is worth a 1000 jobs
August 22|dollface joins the council of evil pt.3
August 19|mailed in: john badman
August 17|origin of the plushies
August 15|Technical Difficulties
August 12|“news” : wheel of funny
August 10|over enthusiastic lesson: guitar
August 8|Blood alcohol content
August 5|…on the brain
August 4|Harvey, Victorious
August 3|Harvey, Challenged pt.13
August 1|Harvey, challenged pt.12
July 29|Harvey, challenged pt.11
July 27|Heartbreakers: Sera
July 25|Hypnos wallpaper
July 20|Harvey, Challenged pt.10
July 18|Harvey, Challenged pt.9
July 15|Harvey, Challenged pt.8
July 13|Harvey, Challenged pt.7
July 11|Harvey, Challenged pt.6
July 8|Harvey, Challenged pt.5
July 6|Harvey, Challenged pt.4
July 4|American intermission
July 1|Harvey, Challenged pt.3
June 29|Harvey, challenged pt.2
June 27|Harvey, challenged.
June 24|tim is a jerk
June 22|sick day: saddest corndog
June 19|fathers day 2011
June 17|a week of bags end
June 15|a week of bags pt.2
June 13|a week of bags
June 10|Elysium pt.7 end
June 8|Elysium pt.6
June 6|Elysium pt.5
June 3|Elysium pt.4
June 1|Elysium pt.3
May 30|Elysium pt.2
May 27|Elysium pt.1
May 25|a sneaky epilogue
May 23|twice REmoved pt.3
May 20|twice REmoved pt.2
May 18|twice REmoved
May 13|the craft
May 11|Common knowledge
May 8|mother’s day 2011
May 6|Bugs of war: Commando
May 4|3 day weekend
May 2|world first
April 29|lord of some things
April 27|the blackest of holes
April 25|ninja and ronin vs goblins: internally winning
April 20|sense of timing is everything.
April 18|The Bumpire
April 15|NEW DIET!
April 13|Note to self: hire more help
April 11|The Talented Mr. Slinky Ending
April 8|the Talented Mr.Slinky pt.12
April 6|the Talented MR.Slinky pt.11
April 4|the Talented Mr.Slinky pt.10
April 1|public service announcement: Pagan new year
March 30|The Talented Mr. Slinky pt.9
March 28|The Talented Mr.Slinky pt.8
March 25|The Talented Mr.Slinky pt.7
March 23|TheTalented Mr.Slinky pt.6
March 21|The Talented Mr.Slinky pt.5
March 17|The Talented Mr.Slinky pt.4
March 16|the Talented Mr.Slinky pt.3
March 14|The Talented Mr.Slinky pt.2
March 11|the Talented Mr.Slinky pt.1
March 9|Hal 9000 works at target
March 7|the Bottling pt.3
March 4|the Bottling pt.2
March 2|the Bottling pt.1
February 28|Beggars can choose not to ask me for money
February 25|Godda try this pt.2
February 23|Godda try this.
February 21|Mouth fart
February 18|Trouble brewing pt.2
February 16|Trouble brewing…
February 14|Valentines day 2011
February 11|Undying
February 9|Pull’t pig
February 7|Super bowl plans
February 4|a moment with squiggles: goats
February 2|Literal mobsters: good help is hard to find pt.2
January 31|literal mobsters: good help is hard to find
January 28|On Moving
January 26|on anatomy
January 24|the perils of Science
January 21|robots and steampunk palin
January 19|the Return
January 12|Manslaughter
January 10|PSA: Cats
January 7|a typical day
January 5|lady and the tramp
January 3|literal mobsters


December 31|New years eve 2010
December 27|vacation
December 24|How Squiggles Saved Xmas end.
December 22|How Squiggles saved Xmas pt.19
December 20|How Sqiggles saved X-mas pt.18
December 17|How Squiggles Saved Xmas pt.17
December 15|How Squiggles Saved Xmas pt.16
December 13|How Squiggles Saved Xmas pt.15
December 10|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.14
December 8|How Squiggles saved Xmas pt.13
December 6|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.12
December 3|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.11
November 29|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.10
November 24|how Squiggles sav- oh wait.
November 22|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.9
November 19|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.8
November 17|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.7
November 15|how squiggles saved Xmas pt.6
November 12|how Squiggles saved Xmas pt.5
November 10|How squiggles saved Xmas pt. 4
November 8|how squiggles saved Xmas pt.3
November 5|how squiggles saved Xmas pt.2
November 3|how squiggles saved Xmas pt.1
November 1|hallow day
October 29|Pretty bird
October 25|Turn that frown into a distortion of reality
October 22|Skinning is an art
October 20|internet arguments
October 18|sick day: day of the dead
October 15|Birthday
October 13|know your vile fantasy creatures
October 11|the b-day treatment
October 8|things i wish i had never said
October 6|dollface joins the council of evil pt.2
October 4|warning danger hazard etc.
October 1|Word Play and the rain
September 29|Dollface joins the council of evil
September 27|fake horror poster: Hellvetica
September 24|The talented cat, Mr. Ripley
September 22|no comic: western goblin
September 20|Sweaty Crocker
September 17|I can talk myself into anything
September 15|the way of love
September 13|Super sleep
September 10|ninja and ronnin vs goblins: geography major
September 8|Comment trolls
September 6|ninja and ronin vs goblins: monk
September 3|Types of sick days
August 30|irish test
August 27|heat wave negotiations
August 25|Kanga-rude
August 23|a writing lesson from squiggles
August 20|Cooking with slinky: liquid diet
August 18|three stages of grief
August 16|how to make friends
August 13|how to stretch a one-liner for 35 years
August 11|will do comic later entering a contest
August 9|the “me too!” effect
August 6|the great injustice of it all
August 4|there is something in my coffee…
August 2|Bugs of war: distractions
July 30|bugs of war: perspective
July 28|bugs of war
July 26|a moment with squiggles: weiners
July 23|Comic-Con Protest
July 21|undelete
July 19|a delicate moment
July 16|what do you get when you cross a wolverine and a waffle?
July 12|cooking with slinky: stuffed peppers
July 9|monster bar
July 7|Slinky was just thirsty.
July 5|birthday 2010
July 3|Squiggles the orator
June 30|no comic, just poppys
June 28|joker card
June 25|Of sauce and men
June 20|fathers day 2010
June 18|beauty unmatched
June 16|for the vet students
June 14|waffles made me do this.
June 11|Fine art
June 9|hotdog noir
June 7|forceful shopping
June 4|the eternally golden girl
June 2|the strawberries of wrath
May 31|comic from waffles the ninja
May 28|my corporate adventure
May 26|Goblin with gun
May 24|wind delay
May 21|Record breakers
May 19|thoughts of greatness
May 17|marketing 101…(again.)
May 14|things i do
May 12|Don slinky: a lesson
May 9|Mother’s day 0’10
May 7|Super.
May 5|burrito on a stick
May 3|our art
April 30|the stretching of limits
April 28|all star
April 26|the home depot way
April 23|the times, they have-a-changed
April 21|Monks and wraiths
April 19|impressionism
April 16|orange pekoe
April 14|sick day sketch
April 12|your sign says stop
April 9|punk rawk
April 7|a moment with squiggles: hokey pokey
April 3|iPad…
April 2|an informative song
March 31|Harvey the slumber bunny pt.2
March 29|Harvey the slumber bunny
March 26|how to: draw like slinky
March 24|i got the answer
March 21|Revenge day 2010
March 19|Handles like a dream
March 17|green puke day
March 15|in the emperor’s name
March 12|backpacker
March 10|ouch pt.2
March 8|Ouch
March 5|wikipedia
March 3|chris needs to lay off the juice
March 1|cookin’ with slinky: cut
February 26|1000
February 24|you ever have one of those days?
February 22|horror poster
February 19|regional dialect
February 17|Rackin’ tearin’
February 14|Valentines Day 2010
February 12|Warped minds come from the warp
February 10|oldie but goodie
February 8|Bunnies are weird
February 5|the don
February 3|crowbar accounting
February 1|ninja and ronin vs a wall pt.3
January 29|Ninja and Ronin Vs a wall pt.2
January 27|Ninja and Ronin vs a wall.
January 25|The exact moment you know you’re old
January 22|That question
January 20|Adventures of tinyman: dream on
January 18|Blank Slate
January 15|go home, team
January 13|not bitter
January 11|food poison
January 8|origin pt.3
January 6|origins pt.2
January 4|origins pt.1
January 1|new years 2010


December 30|there is always room
December 25|slinky vs santa pt.2
December 23|slinky vs santa pt.1
December 21|twitter addictions
December 18|Design
December 16|Holiday temp
December 14|behind the movie magic
December 11|spit-kick
December 9|Piercing the veil…
December 7|Pantry
December 4|last one with Wes
December 2|a moment with Wes pt.2
November 30|a moment with Wes
November 27|V8. the drink, not the engine
November 25|Thanksgetting
November 23|they lie, i lie…
November 20|turkey….. yeah
November 18|daisy chain of command
November 16|drunk-fu
November 13|verbal password
November 11|can’t spell twitter without “twit”
November 9|night at the movies
November 6|Do it for?
November 4|bikes
October 31|Happy Halloween
October 30|the Craving end
October 28|the Craving pt.9
October 26|the Craving pt 8
October 23|the craving pt.7
October 21|the craving pt.6
October 19|Whistler reimagined
October 16|the craving pt. 5
October 14|the craving pt. 4
October 12|the craving pt.3
October 9|the craving pt 2
October 7|the craving pt 1
October 5|First impressions of yoohoo
October 2|the adventures of tinyman: “p”
September 30|thoughts on whether the weather will change.
September 28|Pengu
September 25|about hot dogs
September 23|ninja and ronin vs goblins: bats
September 21|ninja and ronin vs goblins: the quiet game
September 18|ninja and ronin vs goblins: suggestible
September 16|ninja and ronin vs goblins : Cookin’ with ronin
September 14|the secret
September 11|interviews
September 9|the adventures of tinyman
September 7|above par
September 4|hail to the king
September 2|the return of swine
August 31|got a drawing tablet
August 28|the experiment pt 5
August 27|the experiment pt 4
August 26|the experiment pt 3
August 25|the experiment pt 2
August 24|the experiment pt.1
August 21|pokerface
August 19|mouthbreathing
August 17|meditation lessons from squiggles
August 14|Meditation Seminar
August 12|the flying sushis
August 10|life-time bandit
August 7|Doodle day.
August 5|airports are weird
August 3|Central Mews Network
July 31|Mobs of color
July 29|Attainable goals
July 27|Whoops
July 22|War
July 20|i’m a cool guy
July 17|Shiner end
July 15|shiner pt 4
July 13|Shiner pt. 3
July 10|Shiner pt. 2
July 8|Shiner
July 6|after birthday 2009
July 3|annual usurpers
July 1|your fortune sir
June 29|the crowbar presents: RUM
June 26|the mourning after
June 24|Steam punk sick day
June 22|late fathers day 09
June 19|Appled and dimed
June 17|masochist
June 15|falling
June 12|About pigs. and their roasting
June 10|Doppleganger
June 8|Dru knows how to work a crowd.
June 5|Space Marine blues
June 3|Slinky and Friends
June 1|They are EVERYWHERE!
May 29|deepfried pt.2
May 27|lil’ kim vs the U.N.
May 25|meetin’ whistler
May 22|deepfried
May 20|makin’ lemonade
May 18|you say tomato…
May 15|how wizards turn evil
May 13|Old intro
May 11|It’s not an addiction
May 8|early mother’s day
May 6|to professionalism
May 4|1st try!
May 1|liquor is clean, customers are not.
April 29|best not knowing…
April 27|Porkdemic
April 24|birds are weird
April 22|wildly switching subjects
April 20|heat wave
April 17|but i did not shoot the deputy
April 15|a moment with squiggles: Supervillan
April 13|Reality
April 10|Harvey
April 8|Mountain Crank
April 6|Ask Freud!
April 3|MANny Page
April 1|i did an april fools joke
March 30|i hate bright wizards pt.2
March 27|i hate Bright Wizards
March 25|man secrets
March 23|Rocket overlords
March 20|Revenge Day 2009
March 18|a call from mr.Daniels, first name jack
March 16|McKraken store front
March 13|what goes around…
March 11|Mc Kraken
March 9|Powerfistin’
March 6|air guitar
March 4|Heathens
March 2|“Hot links”
February 27|Drivin’
February 25|THWAP!
February 23|a moment with squiggles: demons
February 20|The Force of cats
February 18|goblins is no good
February 16|Gobbo V-Day
February 13|is anything hobo-proof?
February 11|LOL?
February 9|food holes
February 6|back in the saddle
February 4|so-called journalism
February 2|dru’s joke as told by slinky
January 30|slinky’s new goggles
January 28|oh those silly robot dreams
January 26|cookin’ with slinky: dru’s nachos
January 23|semi-true
January 20|dubya’s last ride.
January 19|types of people at obama’s inaguration
January 16|so normal
January 14|fun is where you find it
January 12|resume transmission
January 9|3 foot tall killer
January 7|on tap
January 5|then it hit me
January 2|new years taste just like old ones.


December 31|gots ta get paid
December 29|enter the stick
December 25|bah friggin humbug
December 22|pets
December 19|why so serious.
December 17|mad-libs at the burger joint
December 15|submitted for your approval
December 12|Dave and the TV
December 10|doctors know it all
December 8|ODE to theraflu
December 5|five-oh
December 3|For jud
December 1|still movin – watercolors
November 28|turkeys oh my
November 26|waffles: center of the universe
November 17|baseball rules
November 14|boxed
November 12|the end is nigh?
November 10|mayans and the end of times
November 7|great day to have a camera
November 5|remains of a campaign
November 3|the leak end
October 31|the leak pt.4
October 29|the leak pt.3
October 27|the leak pt.2
October 24|the leak pt.1
October 22|bear necessities of the GOP
October 20|Warhammered
October 17|Vodka for the above-average drinker
October 15|Worm day
October 13|the game pt.2
October 10|the game
October 8|Debater
October 6|unique perspectives
October 3|not so safe
October 1|simple yet effective
September 29|meet Snape pt.3
September 26|meet snape pt.2 the mexican big foot
September 24|meet snape pt.1
September 22|They are for waffles
September 19|that voodoo that you do
September 17|when life gives you lemons
September 15|throw-down end
September 12|throw-down pt.4
September 10|throw-down pt.3
September 8|throw-down pt.2
September 5|Jackpot!
September 3|throw-down
September 1|enter the whistler pt. 4
August 29|enter the whistler pt. 3
August 27|enter the whistler pt 2
August 25|the show must go on (enter the whistler pt.1)
August 22|tony: take 2
August 20|won’t somebody think of the children?
August 18|truths of advertising
August 15|if you give a moose a muffin…
August 13|the days are just packed pt.2
August 11|the days are just packed
August 8|lessons of the master
August 6|1 rice ball
August 4|Prismacolors
August 1|nice(ty)
July 30|frog candy
July 28|on entertainment
July 25|and then i was like…
July 23|the circle
July 21|what’s in a name?
July 18|How to make a comic like slinky
July 16|slinky for prez poster
July 14|car trouble
July 11|the power is out alot
July 9|the games we play
July 7|the joke
July 4|July 4th
July 2|Tenchu Blues
June 30|can turn on a dime
June 27|pimpin’ the inktank
June 25|squiggles, ambassador to millions
June 23|kael, i hate you.
June 20|a day in the life of squiggles
June 18|Loves me some coffee
June 16|Dru’s joke as drawn by slinky : “the naming”
June 13|happy early fathers day
June 11|comics from highschool : the legacy
June 9|peas and carrots
June 6|you thinkin’ what i am?
June 4|ninja and ronin vs goblins : Kiss the cook?
June 2|ninja and ronin vs goblins: slight of hand
May 30|self commentary
May 28|Driving on by
May 26|tavern of dreams is assimilated
May 23|apply directly to the forehead
May 21|tavern of dreams pt. 14
May 19|tavern of dreams pt. 13
May 16|tavern of dreams pt. 12
May 14|tavern of dreams pt. 11
May 12|tavern of dreams pt. 10
May 9|tavern of dreams pt. 9
May 8|read the news
May 7|Oni Dragon thing
May 6|tavern of dreams pt. 8
May 5|tavern of dreams pt.7
May 4|tavern of dreams pt.6
May 3|tavern of dreams pt. 5
May 2|tavern of dreams pt. 4
May 1|tavern of dreams pt. 3
April 30|tavern of dreams pt.2
April 29|tavern of dreams pt.1
April 28|ninja and ronin: the price of power
April 27|ode to dave
April 26|comics from highschool
April 25|you sweet-talker you
April 24|slinky, dino-robo-scientist
April 23|the resolution
April 22|rant about performance art
April 21|despite it all
April 20|free shots
April 19|oldie flower-power
April 18|temps
April 17|Neopets – slinky says…
April 16|Dateline! 1950ish!
April 15|Goblins (not related to ninjas)
April 14|oh the inanity
April 13|the actual occurrence
April 12|your order?
April 11|Currency
April 10|Cookin’ With Slinky : full of food
April 9|Robots : jingle
April 8|Torture is a state of mind
April 7|i’m really lazy (i think)
April 6|How to make a movie like David Lynch
April 5|superpowers
April 4|Rehashed product
April 3|Dancin’ fool
April 2|Happy-Shock
April 1|April fools
March 31|Calvin & Hobbes & Slinky
March 30|the latest patch
March 29|SLEEP
March 28|the Beast
March 27|the food is the end.- which is near!
March 26|the setup
March 25|The message
March 24|Leggo my chez-whiz
March 23|slave to the beat
March 22|week of sloth 3
March 21|a day to remember
March 20|week of sloth 2
March 19|week of sloth 1
March 18|dump
March 17|zombies
March 16|home security
March 15|the all-seeing eye
March 14|a review of race
March 13|Loadstorm
March 12|a moment with squiggles : amore
March 10|cookies
March 9|Pan- the boy, the legend.
March 8|Out of hand
March 7|A life in the day of
March 6|destroy you
March 5|artsy / random head
March 4|wrong year
March 3|Drafted
March 2|aww hell no
March 1|Strange requests
February 29|i had to
February 28|Cookin with slinky’s habit
February 27|ROBOTS! …for no apparent reason
February 26|The dreads
February 25|the oscar
February 24|low sodium alternative!
February 23|shadows
February 21|ninja and ronin vs rooms
February 20|Booths
February 19|(pre)venge day
February 18|Rubios
February 17|my war with the TV
February 16|artsy / the dock
February 15|damn you louie!
February 14|Heart day!
February 13|things to do:
February 12|Error
February 11|Pablo
February 10|Ms. Dru
February 9|Anatomy : Slinky
February 8|Harry potter
February 7|orphans
February 6|Smear campaign
February 5|Andy’s Friend?
February 4|Kraken
February 3|Chia-Pig!
February 2|eating
February 1|on acheivment
January 31|invasion step 2
January 30|state of the union
January 29|Ninja vs Goblin : big mouth
January 28|Artsy / snake bird
January 27|…and green all over?
January 26|Ninja Thumbs
January 25|The definition
January 24|the remaining parts
January 23|A battle of wits
January 22|Sick day / andy
January 21|Ninja and Ronin vs Storage room
January 20|aMUSEd
January 19|Commissar
January 18|Artsy
January 17|Invasion step 1.
January 16|Break room
January 15|The Replacement
January 14|Ninjas – tactics
January 13|Wow : the end
January 12|Double Click
January 11|Thoughts : Blame
January 10|Character : Ninja
January 9|Controller
January 8|Education
January 7|Pitching
January 6|Beer box fortress
January 5|*Poke*
January 4|Character: Snape
January 3|standing, the art of
January 2|happy new…. something
January 1|Faces of eating Fries that are too hot


December 31|Welcome… you chocobo.
December 30|little things to pass the time
December 29|post-it notes
December 28|My pet rock
December 27|Tis the season
December 26|For My sister
December 25|Xmas 2007
December 24|Bill’s Revenge End
December 23|Bill’s Revenge pt.11
December 22|Bill’s Revenge pt.10
December 21|Bill’s Revenge pt.9
December 20|Bill’s Revenge pt.8
December 19|Bill’s Revenge pt.7
December 18|Bill’s Revenge pt.6
December 17|Bill’s Revenge pt.5
December 16|Bill’s Revenge pt.4
December 15|Bill’s Revenge pt.3
December 14|Bill’s Revenge pt.2
December 13|Bill’s Revenge pt.1
December 12|Robots are funny
December 11|IM with Worm
December 10|% and you!
December 9|Character : Ronin
December 8|Format of a comic
December 7|The order
December 6|the Gift poem
December 5|The interview
December 4|Blacklist : Calls
December 3|Restricted
December 2|Waited until it returned
December 1|Domain selling and Maditation
November 30|The war of Ice
November 29|The watchmen
November 28|Character :Bill
November 27|Chloroform
November 26|The president’s plan
November 25|Posting, and the dangers therein
November 24|Ninja vs Ronin vs Goblins
November 23|Character : Dru
November 22|Thanksgiving : 2007
November 21|a fat chance meets a slim hope
November 20|the fast food progression
November 19|a moment with squiggles : Coconuts
November 18|Thoughts : The greats
November 17|Gamer : Bill
November 16|Character : Slinky
November 15|Cookin with slinky
November 14|Blizzard “balances” school
November 13|classic comic : the new slinky
November 12|The shadow claims another
November 11|Oodles of Doodles
November 10|Hypno bunny
November 9|trying new things
November 8|Squiggles vs Deadlights
November 7|a shadow is silent
November 6|Star trek?
November 5|Domination of the mind : Serve ME!
November 4|the clown said i was right
November 3|the cupcake conspiracy
November 2|Conversations with worm
November 1|office gremlin
October 31|Halloween 2007
October 30|Character : Squiggles
October 29|ninja and ronin vs goblins : tell me what i want to know
October 28|Headphones
October 27|Warcraft Screen Shots
October 26|Fires in San diego
October 25|Ninja and ronin vs goblins : Gloves
October 24|“News” 10/24/07
October 23|Drawing : Negative
October 22|added words
October 21|Victory
October 20|Thoughts : Harm
October 19|Hand drawn : Security
October 18|Squiggles and my Shrink
October 17|Review : Purfume
October 16|Slinky and Bears
October 15|Birthday : Worm
October 14|Bill and bears
October 13|Devlin : puddle
October 12|idealess
October 11|Ripped off
October 10|Ninja and Ronin vs Goblins : veggies
October 9|Ninja and Ronin vs goblins : Gear
October 8|Literally
October 7|Cast in 3d
October 6|devlin : 1st
October 5|Ways to pass the time
October 4|a week of unfortunate events : sum-up
October 3|a week of unfortunate events pt.7
October 2|a week of unfortunate events pt.6
October 1|a week of unfortunate events pt.5
September 30|a week of unfortunate events pt.4
September 29|a week of unfortunate events pt.3
September 28|a week of unfortunate events pt.2
September 27|a week of unfortunate events pt.1
September 26|drawing at a slant
September 25|choices of the day
September 24|Movie reviews
September 23|Scouting the results
September 22|doodles a new approach
September 21|Jargon to english
September 20|Birthday : Waffles
September 19|Decaff
September 18|AV weekend
September 17|Sunday driving
September 16|Warcraft comics
September 15|ninja and ronin vs nausea
September 14|Cool is all that matters
September 13|an unfortunate moment with bill : vacation
September 12|Apple and mice
September 11|Sojourn form best buy
September 10|Drawing with a wacom
September 9|Where it all started with Shinobi
September 8|“sick” day
September 7|Ninjas and email
September 6|Filthy
September 5|the secret of the lock
September 4|Clovercoins
September 3|Retun of the bunny
September 2|Headaches : the origins
September 1|Earthquake
August 31|thoughts : visionary
August 30|Surrealism
August 29|Great friends
August 28|Do not press this button
August 27|Advil
August 26|Skull on parade
August 25|Public servants
August 24|Ronin art
August 23|Geek squad
August 22|Ninja and Ronin vs Goblins
August 21|Jaz drive
August 20|Coffee
August 19|Late night
August 18|a clockwork story pt.2
August 17|“News” evil is good for ratings
August 16|a clockwork story
August 15|the fritos pt.4
August 14|the fritos pt.3
August 13|the fritos pt.2
August 12|The fritos pt.1
August 11|The reasons
August 10|a moment with Squiggles : Mind over monkey
August 9|world famous slinky performs a stunt
August 8|story about a space monster involving leaping
August 7|Solemly Swear
August 6|Unfortunate moment with Bill : eagle
August 5|Blizzard’s Bucket
August 4|Stuck pt.2
August 3|Stuck pt.1
August 2|Happy Thursday
August 1|The process : Revealed!
July 31|return
July 30|i think the TV is watching me
July 29|technical difficulty
July 28|Attack of the invisible bunny
July 27|March of the robots
July 26|analyzing dreams
July 25|i’m in the car as we speak
July 24|Family presents
July 23|Hair-riffic!
July 22|Goodbye Tammie Faye Baker
July 21|Waffles is lazy
July 20|Kid’s revenge T-shirt
July 19|Fritos: a definition
July 18|bill’s new pet
July 17|Falling hoplessly
July 16|When i was little
July 15|Electrocution = fun
July 14|i rode a bike a lot
July 13|Sleepy ideas
July 12|Gamer : waffles
July 11|Tekken
July 10|Feelbetrin PM
July 9|sick day / andy
July 8|“News” 7/08/07
July 7|slave to insperation
July 6|just one of those day
July 5|the greatest day on earth (my birthday)
July 4|4th of july 2007
July 3|slinky away again / unfortunate moment with bill
July 2|Mac vs PC (i got in trouble for this one)
July 1|it came from space pt.3
June 30|It came from space pt.2
June 29|It came from space pt.1
June 28|ninja and ronin vs goblins : monetary martial prowess
June 27|ninja vs goblins : help
June 26|BUY! SHOP! NOW! (sign spinners)
June 25|army doll
June 24|Resident evil 4
June 23|birthday : Jud
June 22|ninja vs goblins : torture
June 21|hit by a stupid stick
June 20|flights and the length they take
June 19|“tag”
June 18|Father’s day 2007
June 17|Thoughts in the barrens
June 16|Safari broken
June 15|Self-drowning
June 14|For the love of god FIRE!
June 13|Waffles can’t draw
June 12|Keep out
June 11|“News” 6/11/07
June 10|Curse of the billy goat
June 9|thoughts : evolution of thoughts
June 8|marketing a drink
June 7|ninja vs goblin : i will have your head
June 6|ninja vs goblin : goblin king
June 5|ninja vs goblin : hate taking flight
June 4|Smelly shadow
June 3|the fabled wheel of funny
June 2|straying from the pack
June 1|Mc Minion’s
May 31|figured out / unfortunate moment with bill
May 30|do you have a leash?
May 29|sketches : slinky
May 28|confusion ensues
May 27|a blast through the past
May 26|Literal images
May 25|on Guitar hero
May 24|Bill : Open mic
May 23|did you know about starcraft 2?!
May 22|Break your legs for laughs
May 21|OH NO ROBO!
May 20|you don’t have to go home…
May 19|thoughts : manifest destiny
May 18|1 year (365th comic)
May 17|more sketches
May 16|ninja vs goblin : Full-bodied hate
May 15|Pull yourself together man
May 14|Dru: a creature of habit
May 13|Mother’s day 2007
May 12|THAIce cream!
May 11|my dream
May 10|CNN “news on terror”
May 9|rollercoaster adventure
May 8|Engaget Mascot
May 7|Where does the laser go?
May 6|Demo Done
May 5|Solution : Join the army
May 4|the quest from the skull
May 3|akward
May 2|Sketches
May 1|Future Goggles
April 30|enlightenment
April 29|Happy land
April 28|the plan: activate the trial
April 27|remember to save kiddies!
April 26|scan the horizon
April 25|More on Todd
April 24|water damage
April 23|Thoughts of a dog
April 22|Beat the heat
April 21|was sitting in my sketch book
April 20|More Better!
April 19|bill is real sneaky
April 18|all about the Necrons
April 17|New and not exciting products!
April 16|are you a felon?
April 15|behind the couch and laughing
April 14|an unfortunate moment with bill : bugs
April 13|Flying dreams
April 12|ninjas are an instant party
April 11|life in a video game
April 10|Todd Goldman Sucks
April 9|Call upon ninja power
April 8|36…
April 7|Egg paintin’
April 6|Perception
April 5|thoughts : paths
April 4|WTS [bracers of something]
April 3|Escalators
April 2|Pullin’ elites
April 1|!!!!!
March 31|Pantsless
March 30|Distracted
March 29|elevator farter
March 28|“News” 3/28/07
March 27|Hideyoshi!!!
March 26|Fried eggs
March 25|The sun says “hello”
March 24|Blind taste test
March 23|anna gotta de vita
March 22|Mortos vs Children
March 21|Revenge day
March 20|enter the ronin pt.6
March 19|enter the ronin pt.5
March 18|enter the ronin pt.4
March 17|enter the ronin pt.3
March 16|enter the ronin pt.2
March 15|enter the ronin pt.1
March 14|St. Patty’s
March 13|Homeopathy
March 12|baby snape
March 11|Monks and rogues
March 10|coffee machine
March 9|Professor slinky learns you good
March 8|a moment with squiggles : Mr. Ed
March 7|boar traps
March 6|indoor sports
March 5|Blacklist : postcards
March 4|Player 3
March 3|Hello potential investor
March 2|Marketing lesson
March 1|Ninja vs Blackouts
February 28|Wiki
February 27|the is not blank either… honest
February 26|This space is not blank
February 25|Goblin heros
February 24|Blood pressure and Quackery
February 23|Half-assed
February 22|Bored cats are dangerous
February 21|Calling a meeting
February 20|Mac vs PC : invented
February 19|Shine blockers
February 18|Tips for the E.R.
February 17|Dog’s nightmare
February 16|Ninja vs Goblin : candy
February 15|Valentines .. kinda
February 14|Dru’s big adventure pt.7 / valentines
February 13|Dru’s big adventure pt.6
February 12|Dru’s big adventure pt.5
February 11|Dru’s big adventure pt.4
February 10|Dru’s big adventure pt.3
February 9|Dru’s big adventure pt.2
February 8|Dru’s big adventure pt.1
February 7|yo head is on fire!
February 6|ghost tale: downloads
February 5|thoughts : greed
February 4|“News” telepromter
February 3|“aerobics”
February 2|if you are like many americans….
February 1|OH NOES!
January 31|hide and seek…. sort of
January 30|Bacon Fruit
January 29|i was changed
January 28|internet = jerks
January 27|greatest rogue of all time
January 26|bathing the cat
January 25|“News” 1/25/07
January 24|i can’t hear you LA LA LA LA LA
January 23|on cults…
January 22|a good start
January 21|Tiny changes
January 20|F5 F5 F5 F5 F5…
January 19|baker vs goblin pt.3
January 18|baker vs goblin pt.2
January 17|Baker vs goblin
January 16|Global warming
January 15|oompa loompa
January 14|ninja vs baker
January 13|iRanch
January 12|breakfast of champions pt.2
January 11|breakfast of champions
January 10|Mac vs PC
January 9|Who’s Snape end
January 8|Who’s Snape pt.4
January 7|Who’s Snape pt.3
January 6|Who’s Snape? pt.2
January 5|who’s Snape?
January 4|Extra strength Feelbetrin
January 3|a throw-down with snape
January 2|anyone get those plates?
January 1|New year’s 2006


December 31|water cooler questions
December 30|ninja vs log in
December 29|“News” 12/29/06
December 28|Par-Tay
December 27|window
December 26|please insert disk
December 25|christmas con
December 24|ninja vs goblin : connection lost
December 23|ninja vs goblin : a new defense
December 22|ninja vs goblin : meet riggs
December 21|Slip n’ slide
December 20|Black Christmas
December 19|brain threw up
December 18|thoughts : santa
December 17|Sellin’ dignity
December 16|put up the tree
December 15|Chillaxitive
December 14|groucho
December 13|the terrible truth : Fast forward Honk
December 12|Salty Joe: Catch
December 11|frying finger action
December 10|aged cheese
December 9|Gifts
December 8|everybody bill
December 7|gas
December 6|slapstick
December 5|i love you guys
December 4|ninja vs goblin : jealousy
December 3|help in games…
December 2|Blacklist cards: time of need
December 1|pee?
November 30|“News” : 11/30/06
November 29|Banana day
November 28|Walrus armor
November 27|case of the mondays
November 26|chupacabra
November 25|it’s _____ (adj.)!
November 24|Oxi-Scream
November 23|<3 Pie
November 22|the hunt
November 21|i claim this area
November 20|placing an order
November 19|what is “ork”?
November 18|ninja vs goblin : cards
November 17|and the award goes to…
November 16|Salty joe: Purpose
November 15|join da orks
November 14|thoughts: choices
November 13|fodder
November 12|monkey with a chainsaw
November 11|it want’s your solanoid
November 10|the resident genius
November 9|Fusion
November 8|ninja vs goblin : go fish
November 7|are we forsaken?
November 6|story arc
November 5|CNN “News”
November 4|glass is all empty
November 3|Join the army
November 2|ninja vs goblin : trial
November 1|hungovers
October 31|halloween 2006
October 30|halloween request
October 29|Comments on Goblins
October 28|6th or 7th sense
October 27|Mr. Schmidt
October 26|ninja vs goblin : pssst!
October 25|Pondering the grass
October 24|Loading
October 23|ninja vs goblin: the climb
October 22|O.J’s Book
October 21|Gamer: Snape
October 20|Gamer: Dru
October 19|gamer: Slinky
October 18|gamer: Squiggles
October 17|grasp of time
October 16|fuel line
October 15|birthday: Worm
October 14|Goblin vs Critic
October 13|Blacklist: get well soon
October 12|Xelor
October 11|THE END!
October 10|ninja vs goblin : wannabe
October 9|prank gum 2
October 8|prank gum
October 7|whooopie
October 6|prank coffee 2
October 5|prank coffee
October 4|new ideas crushed
October 3|ninja vs goblin : the steps
October 2|blackmail
October 1|tap tap tap tap tap
September 30|ninja vs goblin : joke
September 29|locked up my system
September 28|waffles was stuck
September 27|20 questions
September 26|Slinky for President
September 25|game about book =/= Book about game
September 24|Trophy room
September 23|ninja vs goblin : orb
September 22|slowing down
September 21|7-11
September 20|ninja vs goblin : rabbit
September 19|Charlie
September 18|News!
September 17|writer’s block
September 16|orbital bombardment
September 15|descriptions cause hunger
September 14|video crack
September 13|waka waka waka
September 12|ninja vs goblin : mind tricks
September 11|Headache
September 10|plasma bugs
September 9|eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
September 8|goblin vs Physics
September 7|a moment with squiggles : dog
September 6|ninja vs fortress
September 5|Saved your axe
September 4|chore wars
September 3|Behave like cats
September 2|Slinky “the master”
September 1|“Cops”
August 31|Master of deflection
August 30|Beggars
August 29|you are in danger indeed
August 28|it’s ALIVE!!!
August 27|the wheel lurks
August 26|100th comic
August 25|Making a servant
August 24|snakes and planes
August 23|Beef Brew
August 22|Snape strikes
August 21|grafiti-fication
August 20|soon you will be mine
August 19|you Gellin?
August 18|nervous laugh
August 17|Dominating minds
August 16|thoughts again
August 15|Romeo & Juliet translated
August 14|Offended
August 13|3 days down
August 12|Terrorist forces
August 11|Rice Squeelies
August 10|just another day
August 9|addiction
August 8|put up your dukes
August 7|TV is a liar
August 6|my own worst enemy
August 5|Tekken
August 4|just hangin’
August 3|Higher Power
August 2|making contact
August 1|wrath and more wrath
July 31|walk it off
July 30|Laze Marines
July 29|we’s stoopid
July 28|food = life
July 27|more servos.
July 26|random #592a
July 25|Look at his FACE!
July 24|i know you
July 23|for the emperor you N00B!
July 22|whatcha drawing?
July 21|i Wuv YOU!
July 20|Mail fraud
July 19|Stamps
July 18|Vintage video game
July 17|bagel bites
July 16|dream states
July 15|explained
July 14|the cure?
July 13|sock vs Snape
July 12|and now for Snape
July 11|Rue the day
July 10|daymares
July 9|return of the wheel
July 8|xmas in july
July 7|dead teletubby
July 6|gettin’ fired
July 5|Birthday: Slinky
July 4|4th of July
July 3|Slinky is away
July 2|Like a baby
July 1|ducks and urban puddles
June 30|Mute
June 29|:D
June 28|Draw comics
June 27|Yellowball – verb
June 26|Samurai Warriors
June 25|SundaySuperMegaHappyCartoonTime
June 24|Birthday: Jud
June 23|Vampire’s weakness
June 22|Honorless
June 21|Condoms
June 20|Guess what?
June 19|great outdoors
June 18|Fathers day 2006
June 17|Gas Mask
June 16|Resident Puzzle
June 15|keanu = poison
June 14|Runescape
June 13|Napalm Man
June 12|Phone Convos
June 11|a new style
June 10|Enter the Jellyfish
June 9|Don’t take no lip
June 8|Drinking of our Future
June 7|Thoughts
June 6|a shadow is…
June 5|Oh NO! RAWWWR
June 4|Drinking Problem
June 3|Movin’ day 2
June 2|Movin’ day 1
June 1|Hanzo
May 31|Sweet-Baby-Jesus-STOP!
May 30|BlackList greeting cards
May 29|Wheel of funny
May 28|worm’s intro
May 27|Brown-tooth
May 26|Micro-Master
May 25|Ticket Bastard
May 24|Chainsaws and priests
May 23|Finish him!
May 22|Warcrafty
May 21|Victory
May 20|Bang up job
May 19|Intro