June 1st, 2009


i’m not too fond of Bright Wizards if you remember.


  1. Think

    Should the quotes be the other way around? Or the other dude kicking…the other dude?

  2. Taalo

    Well if you walked in on that conversation drunk and fully aware of what a bright wizard was…it would be a safe bet you’d be helping Slinky out. DEATH TO BW’s!

  3. Slinky

    you know think, i saw him as pushing slinky away. i guess it looks like he’s got the upper hand though. BW are OP!

  4. Taalo

    I think in close combat slinky should of been able to pwn him easily…Unless BW’s aren’t as squishy as I remember them being…Paycheck, must, resub..Chosen have to get better, right?

  5. Slinky

    looks kinda like they are putting all the balance ideas in a hat and throwing that hat into a washing machine on a rollercoaster and we’ll see what happens when 1.3 hits. bound to be different at least.

  6. Taalo

    I think I may have to stick with lord of the rings for a while…atleast hobbits trying to act fearsome is amusing.

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