the smoking room: slinky’s comics
October 3rd, 2011

the smoking room: slinky’s comics

i’m still updating when i can though, so don’t go bailing on me! once things settle back down into a groove it should return to normal


  1. Kimalee

    I could never bail on you. You have me for life!

  2. Shelda

    Me too! BTW, I LOVE the pipe.

  3. Tye Lindsey

    Hey it is your younger nephew Tye how you doing? I just wanted to say that we miss you Mabe some day you can come see us again.

  4. Slinky

    who put you up this? haha! fine i’ll show up when i do. i’ve SILENTLY watched you and your brother grow up, and THAT is how you become a ninja. your master is no good. my kung fu is better than your kung fu. words. statements. boasts about virility. (ask your dad that should be funny) never have i turned down a definition of an obscure word no matter how dirty. words are funny. lets keep them that way.

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