how to: draw like slinky
March 26th, 2010

how to: draw like slinky

i’m not sure if that’s a dog or a cat. i’m leaning towards cat.


  1. Taleris Cold

    I think I’ve seen that cat before. Friends should never leave their gf’s cats in the care of friends.

  2. Slinky

    i hear that. i left my cat in the care of someone for 2 days, only to come back and find she wasn’t given water at all. he says “yer stupid cat was crying the whole time” i thought about slapping him till he stopped moving.

  3. Taleris Cold

    Poor kitty. I feel it’s pain. One weekend I came back from work and my brother and friends drank all my beer so I cried too, mostly cause all they left was monarch tequilla.

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