Ninja Thumbs
January 26th, 2008

Ninja Thumbs

that’s right, the secret is out… i indeed have ninja thumbs. it’s a gift. it’s a curse. it’s a way of life.

i’m striking in the shadows, and only the pause screen will save you from my super-fast tapping of X, O, /\, and [].


  1. alex

    do u actually EXIST?! well obviously u do but do u know audrin? like da loser guy sitting next to me? lol…do u want me to advertise ur website so more people would see it? 😀

  2. Slinky

    *looks around*
    yeah… i’m fairly sure i do exist.
    yes i am aware of audrin’s existence as well..
    and yes. pimp on my friend, pimp on.

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