How Squiggles Saved Xmas pt.16
December 15th, 2010

How Squiggles Saved Xmas pt.16

i dunno what happened, but my post yesterday got erased at some point… so go back to monday’s comic to make sure you saw it.


  1. Shiken

    Aaand just finished reading from #1 a couple days ago. Curse my inability to stop reading something once I start.

  2. Slinky

    i do the same thing when i find new comics. thanks for reading mine so ferociously : P

  3. Elmithian

    If ye haven’t noticed I have been having a bit comment mania around various part of yer comics, and for that I apologize… wait…. shi*** I did it again.

    Also, I have done the same thing as Shiken has done, expect I haven’t reached the end yet and it is middle of the bloody night. So thanks mate for making me lose sleep 😛

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