the home depot way
April 26th, 2010

the home depot way

i dunno why i singled out home depot for this, and the INS shot was an afterthought once i decided. and yep that’s my car. well, that was my car… my first real car was a red Asian something or other that had no stereo, no air bags, no anti-lock brakes, and faulty seat-belts (guess how i found that out). yet i loved that red monstrosity. it was a stick shift, fast as hell, and was mine. then all of a sudden it was gone, a UPS truck pulled out in front of me and my reflexes kept me from eating my steering wheel, yet cracking my sternum.

my next and last car was a boat and a lemon. sorry dad, it was. but it wasn’t nearly as interesting as that red hundai/honda/hashimoto/haveagoodday car was.

it’s all good though, i never liked driving anyways. in fact, i hate driving.

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