“news” : wheel of funny
August 12th, 2011

“news” : wheel of funny

well, been a while since we’ve seen either the reporter or the wheel of funny. if you don’t know of the wheel, it was the sadistic device that caused harm to dru through wholly supernatural means. it’s purpose was later taken over by the existence of bill in general after having dropped the prefix of “everybody” bill. spawning a short collection of comics called “an unfortunate moment with bill”

but here i’ve been sitting on this cactapus idea for a while and couldn’t think of any good reason to throw it into the ring. that is, until i got a request just last thursday to return the wheel. (ironically, on a single panel bill in pain comic)
thanks Jonathan!


  1. Jonathan

    No problem!

  2. Shelda

    Disturbing and funny. I love the cactapus and I really love the hot coughy.

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