sick day: saddest corndog
June 22nd, 2011

sick day: saddest corndog

i can’t help but think there was some epic “toy story” kind of adventure involving the chicken frank avoiding being skewered, battered, then fried.
Frank, as he is known, is a hotdog on a mission. he’s gotta save his family from being turned into Vienna sausages by the evil butcher who is also named Frank for no good reason, other than to be confusing. it’s a story of the power of friendship, and victory, despite the overwhelming odds.
oh yeah, he befriends a sarcastic and wise-cracking rat named Frank, that discovers he’s a rat prince with a heart of gold, and a spunky batter-stirring-machine named Frank that learns he’s known how to feel love all along. and in a tear-jerking final scene Frank dies. and Frank lives happily ever after.


  1. Jonathan

    But. . . What happened to Frank?

  2. Slinky

    oh frank?
    that’s a WHOLE different story.

  3. Adam

    a particular irish indented fellow told me about your page, looking good. glad to see you are still you.

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