June 17th, 2009


i think i have an abuse problem with video games.

i remember in Mechwarrior i’d suit up the smallest mech (the osiris) with the hardest hitting weapon (artillery beacon) and i’d go the whole night just trying to kill one direwolf,  just one. and i’d die without even knowing what hit me 90% of the time. but the times that i essentially headshot a direwolf (the heaviest class mech) by a super lucky chance they moved to the area i marked 3 seconds earlier, i was untouchable. i could die the rest of the night and it wouldn’t matter.

i was David smiting Goliath

so anyways, i’m actually pretty mellow about losing, it’s just funnier to be overly angry about stuff.



  1. Ustyat

    I’m quite sorry that I killed you with scorched earth once. probably. or maybe the procs off the procs off the procs of scorched earth.

    anyway, hope to be ganked by you soon.

    -nameless sucky BW

  2. Slinky

    it’s all good. like i said in my post it’s just more funny to be overly mad, i don’t reaaaaally mind that much.

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