November 7th, 2011


one of the many, many schools i went to had the most ridiculous titled class i’d ever heard.
but first a little backstory:
due to changing schools frequently, most of the time classes i was taking previously had no equivalent in the new school. so to remedy this, i was thrown into one of two classes. and that is the heartwarming tale on how i ended my education with at least 5-6 P.E./Health credits than was necessary.
now onto the stranger than fiction class: “Honors P.E.” how could i turn that down?

what is the point of this story you ask? simple. the ONLY thing that we did in honors P.E. was play a game called “warball”. basically, the coach opened up the sporting equipment, poured it out on the basket ball court, encouraged a dodge ball mentality, then went to lunch or something. squiggles and dru would have loved warball. i did.

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