The definition
January 25th, 2008

The definition

while the term Masochistic isn’t really the appropriate word, i feel the joke gets across easier than it would with the fairly small amount of average readers who know the word Histrionic.

[…]As certain fashion trends and attitudes began to be associated with “emo”, stereotypes emerged that created a specific target for criticism. In the early years of the “third wave”, the criticism was relatively light-hearted and self-effacing. In ensuing years, the derision increased dramatically. Male fans of emo found themselves hit with homosexual slurs, largely a reflection of the style of dress popular within the “emo scene” and the purported displays of emotion common in the scene. Complaints pointed to the histrionic manner in which the emotions were expressed.[23] MadTV parodied emo in its skit, “Tickle Me Emo.”

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