American intermission
July 4th, 2011

American intermission

my birthday is actually on the 5th, but who wants to have fun when everyone is hung-over from the fourth?
so the merging began. i believe i was 1 years old at the time, when i decided to take the fourth as my own. oh! and of course, thank you all for the lovely fireworks!

“Harvey, challenged” continues on Wednesday


  1. Squiggles

    Happy B-day BRO!!! and be glad your not home right now no fireworks here this year.. well unless you what to see everything burn … then go for it!!

  2. Slinky

    but… it ain’t good unless it’s burning!

  3. Kimalee

    Happy Birthday!! Love you lots!

  4. Drew

    Yeah, ive never seen so many bummed rednecks in my life. Understandable, whats more patriotic than drinking way too much and playing with fire? Sounds like our camping trips 🙂

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