a moment with squiggles: Supervillan
April 15th, 2009

a moment with squiggles: Supervillan

i think squiggles has the smarts, ruthlessness, and enough quirks to pull off being a bond-ish supervillan.
also: i imagine intermission kind of music for the 2nd frame.


  1. Gorgutz

    Slinky, after seeing some of your comics, i have to ask.

    Did you ever at one point play on WoW “private” servers? O_o

    and also, deathsoft/mmowned?

    just wondering.

  2. Slinky

    nope. although when i was playing it was usually the middle of the night, so i might as well have been.
    and i’ve never been big on cheating either, i find it… boring.

  3. Taleris Cold


  4. Slinky

    no… i think someone has been impersonating me?

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