never unseen.
September 12th, 2011

never unseen.

if you are familiar with rick-rolling, in that you are being deceived into following a link out of trust only to find yourself at the whim of devious and henceforth, non-friends. then you will know the nature, but not the terrible terrible content of this prank image.

it’s so bad in fact that i’m playing the noun game and not outright writing it, because of things like google and armies of bots that would latch onto such a terrible word.

if you are going to look it up, i’d suggest you append the word “wiki” to your search so as to only get a description and not the image associated with it.


  1. Elmithian

    Ughhh… why did you have to bring that up? Now I remember everything again… All these times with the the psych to try to forget gone to waste.

    Ahhhh it is burned into my pupils! Why god, why? “sniff” “sniff”

    damn… time to go to my psychiatrist again T.T

  2. Slinky

    it’s human nature to share suffering with others. “you gotta see this, it’s awful!”

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