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March 30th, 2008

the latest patch

i know i can’t be the only person who’s had dreams like this.


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  1. Elmithian

    ‘Moves slowly ayway’ “Don’t hurt me sir! I have done nothing wrong… please don’t send the woodchucks after me!”

    But in all seriousness: In that one dream I had I was a detective and me and my partner were investigating an abandonent building area. Suddenly we heard a weird sound, like a machine being activated. Before I knew it my partner had been sawn in two by a huge saw blade and many more were flying in my direction. Suddenly I heard a laughter and saw my (supposedly in this dream) arch nemesis laughing and say; “I got you now! Now die!” For a sec I looked at the remains of my once trusty partner and now saw nothing but red. The saw blades were coming closer but I simply stood there. The heartbeat before the first sawblade would have hit me, I jumped on it, pushed myself from it did a flip, hit a support pole jumped with all my might from it onto another moving blade, moment before the pole got cut in two. I was very close to my enemy now. I saw only him and nothing else. With the last inch of my power I kicked away from the saw blade, grabbed another one in mid air through its middle and threw it back at him. Unfortunately I missed but the moment he dodged I was there and kicked him so hard that he flew into this machine of his with appropriate death scream.
    I stood there on the railings looking down at his machine and said: “It seems that you weren’t cut out for this afterall”.

    I had been playing of Half-life 2 episodes and Max pain 2 most part of that day. I am sure you can see how my dream got like this 😛

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