Anatomy : Slinky
February 9th, 2008

Anatomy : Slinky

this was a really fun one to do. i always liked those weird diagrams that would come in dinosaur books, and even more so now that i know they weren’t even sure about half of that info.

what info you may ask? well raptors having lizard skin for one. turns out that they had feathers. FEATHERS! take that, childhood of lies!


  1. Kimalee

    I love it! The wallet chain so you don’t forget pants was the best. And I just learned in ornithology that feathers and scales are made from the same genes and that dinosaurs were genetically closer to birds than reptiles. And in metabolism class, the only reason you need oxygen is as a “trash can” for electrons when your body makes energy. That is not how it was explained to me. You can’t believe anything from your childhood any more.

  2. Slinky

    i love hearing all those kinds of facts. thanks!

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