March 5th, 2010


i’m not gonna lie, after randomly making up looking up a platypus on wikipedia. i’m most likely going to now. as far as i know (about to look up) there are only 3 mammals that lay eggs, a platypus, a kiwi and a distant cousin of the kiwi.  UPDATE: it was a echidna, which looks a lot like a kiwi which is a bird. doh for me, but the statement i said earlier was true, platypus, and short and long beaked echidnas are the only 3 to lay eggs.

oh and “the world’s address”? it’s a ‘they might be giants’ song. the joke is fairly obvious and you feel stupid when you hear what it is.

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  1. Kimalee

    Its almost Revenge Day! Can’t wait to see the comic. The poop is in the pudding was my favorite.

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