i got the answer
March 24th, 2010

i got the answer

seriously… look up a 1936 ford coupe and tell me that car aint awesome. and i’m serious. go outside and look at the cars. can you tell me what brand or model any of them are? what’s that? they all look like a honda civic? even a mustang looks like a honda civic? huh.

do you know what a 57′ chevy looks like? i bet you do. hmmm…. i’m pretty sure america’s muscle car reputation has been diminished by fuel efficiency and german engineering. and this impossible dream of “me too!”

so the fix is simple. stick a stingray’s fiberglass shell on a fuel efficient motor and you got yourself a hot item. my dad told me he uses to do the opposite to win street races, put a super engine into a crappy body frame (awesome all by itself) and i think that seriously this could single handily pull this country out of debt.

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