the so-fist-icant pt.1
Friday — April 18th, 2014

the so-fist-icant pt.1

been a long time since we have seen the spacemarines! this comic started as one joke and ended up being it’s own joke, so pt.2 and maybe 3 will follow

edit: oh damn, i should have drawn the gretchin buried up to his neck and a flower taped to the microphone. oh well, live and learn i guess

one of my favorite skits

thunder lol cats

WTF kitty

random is the word

Shufflin’ grandpa

via boingboing

2 finger point makes all the difference


Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

it is what it sounds like it is.

ancient fridge

unbelievable awesome riiight up until the corporate shilling at 4:29 where you can safety stop watching.

State of the comic address

I’ve been staring at a goblin revolving slowly on my computer’s screen, effectively locking my system down as it renders. So with nothing else to do I figure I should write a state of the comic address.

First off, I’ll attempt to refrain from so much of these long story arcs. I know they probably make it hard to jump into the comic and I’m desperately attempting to garner a larger audience. Plus the random comics are hit or miss and stand alone in that judgement, where if someone doesn’t like sleepwalking jokes they are bummed for like two weeks. So there is that.

Also I’m taking my 3D pursuit to a serious level and might randomly add a render in Lieu of a comic sometimes. The ultimate destination I have for the 3D learning is for two things; a separate adventure comic, and to try to enter the industry of computer graphics. If anyone knows any way to help me in either of those pursuits I’ll be eternally grateful.

How can you help? If you come across any tutorials or know of good books dealing with art studies in general send em my way. If you come across any really neat goblins I love em all, more is a merrier me. Gimme critique, tell me whats wrong about any drawings or renders. And finally, tell people about my site. Hound them. Force them to log in and mail them my comics all day long…

…orrrr reel it back just a little and instead make a suggestion.

fun site, and awesome gif

this whole site is awesome and you should go see the rest of these hilarious gifs HERE