know your space marines: Imperial Guards
Friday — May 20th, 2016

know your space marines: Imperial Guards

imperial guardsmen rank lower than houseplants in the space marine hierarchy and their entire army is set up with the fact that, as a tactic; you fill up enemy war machines by stuffing up their wheels and gears with guardsmen.

that in mind, it seems perfect that for a whole army i can just draw bill and it’s perfect.
“the Imperial redshirts, an army of bill”

game of hanky poo

i always liked harry anderson’s magic style. it’s mainly cons and telling stories as misdirection. this is one of my favorites

not usually into memes like this but…

Fireworks fail here

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happy 4th of july

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one of my favorite skits

thunder lol cats

WTF kitty

random is the word

Shufflin’ grandpa

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2 finger point makes all the difference