FritOH SHI- pt.2
Friday — August 29th, 2014

FritOH SHI- pt.2


outta left field

loves me some buddy guy

love the Badman series

firestarter minus music

been a while but…

IM a reel ‘Merican

the composition of this is just great. H.Hogan is only playing like 2 chords, but they make sure to make it look like this was a lifetime investment via old home movies.
also the majority of who he is giving the “smackdown” to is a “russian” who wasn’t from russia. but it’s okay.. any non american will do. also a good neck chop of fellow foreigner; Andre the giant
aaaand he left out the HGH and steroids in his speech at the end.

rejected pitches: a christmas story

dumb ways to die

now it’s true that i loathe commercials, and marketing in general as they are sociopathic liars with no souls.. however!
public service announcements don’t count cause they (generally) aren’t motivated by greed. i could watch these little dead bean-people dance all day. the animation is brilliant

game of hanky poo

i always liked harry anderson’s magic style. it’s mainly cons and telling stories as misdirection. this is one of my favorites

not usually into memes like this but…