About Me

i was always a cartoon.
i grew up watching more TV than i prolly should have. 99% of said TV was warner bros. cartoons, there was a TNT (as in the network) block of looney toons that i would watch regardless of whether i had seen that particular cartoon 100 or more times. i was also a heavy reader of both “calvin & hobbes” and “the far side” in fact i still re-read those books over and over, almost like i’m waiting for a new cartoon to jump out.

sometimes i wish my childhood was still running, there was still Looney toons on at 6, Bill Watterson was still drawing Calvin, Gary Larson didn’t move to the near side, and Jim Varney was still Ernest P. Worrell.

but then i also remember that i’m in a great time for cartoons, the internet has erased my commercial breaks, Gabe and Tycho are saying what they mean, the simpsons are the longest running cartoon of all time, and i don’t have to be syndicated to share my comics.

good times.

i’m on tumblr at http://aterriblemind.tumblr.com/
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