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why i’m not updating this week.

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

12/26 my new feral cat is loud. she went into heat the day after xmas. the noise, smell, and entire feeling around her was one of unexplainable annoyance. this is my 2nd cat to go into heat, and the first one nearly drove me insane. so anyways, i made some appointments, and now gotta wait for a few days of “MEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW” and finally it will stop… right? yeah.
12/30 so she’s spayed now and it’s time to take her home thinking she’ll act like my other cat did; be groggy, stumble around, sleep a lot… nope. this cat was in pain, and wanted me to feel pain too. so i take her back to get another pain shot, and some meds. i haven’t slept in what feels like a week. i caught a few hours per night, but not usually more than 3.

just dropped waffles off at the airport and i know you’d love some comics, right? well, no. i’m gonna sleep like a disney princess. i’ll make a new year’s comic like i do every year. see you with non-delirious eyes tomorrow.